We believe that excellent payment service enriches our community by promoting transactions among people.
People need a better payment service. It needs to be more simplified, convenient and inexpensive.
Cash is simple but not convenient: on the other hand, credit card is convenient but expensive. Alipay of China has proved that a direct bank transfer via QR code can be an attractive alternative. However, QR payment is also cumbersome job such as scanning the code and manually putting in the amount.
The issues of QR payment are rooted in the incompatibility of existing POS system and QR payment system.

We thought QR payment can be much easier if QR code and the price information can be sent to customers’ smartphones via existing POS system.

Our company have developed POS Connector.
POS Connector is a device that transmits the POS' receipt information to smartphone by Bluetooth. It removes multiple steps of QR payment.
“POS Connector” enables convenient and inexpensive payment and furthermore, opens new possibilities of business.

POS Connector, just the price of one dish of pizza, operates with Plug&Play on existing POS system without software update. POS Connector also operates on credit card terminal and works out for cash only stores. And it can lower the commission fee by using bank-to-bank payment network instead of expensive credit card network. Also, the POS Connector provides consumers with an opportunity to securely store and utilize offline transaction data by transferring receipt data with JSON format to the smartphone. Moreover, using POS Connector as Bluetooth beacon, you can offer a variety of services for your in-store needs such as reservation, waiting, order, coupon, delivery etc., through mobile.

We hope to work with a partner who can share our vision to bring a payment service to the next level and to develop further opportunities for data business and O2O business.

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