Plug & Play

Connect all POS systems to Smartphones

Easy installation that anyone can do
(Installation takes only 3 minutes)

Perfect recycling of shops’ existing infra

Instant connection to existing offline infrastructure without any system changes or upgrades

Smartphone transmission of data (to be printed with a receipt printer) from POS

Printing of data generated from a smartphone with a receipt printer

Operational Principles of TandGo

Connect TandGo to POS and receipt printer using serial or USB cable

Receipt data is transmitted in the form of unencrypted plaintext due to compatibility issues between POS program and receipt printer

TandGo extracts payment-related data by parsing receipt data (payment method, payment amount, etc.)

Store’s QR code and payment amount is forwarded to a user’s smartphone via Bluetooth (by tapping)

Print receipt, audio-announce payment amount, and forward full receipt data to user after payment is made

Remotely print other miscellaneous data from a smartphone
(purchase orders, advertisement coupons, queue tickets, etc.)