We emphasize that replacement of exisitng payment system(POS, credit card terminal, cash) or modification of the software program is not required.
All the POS are linked to a receipt printer. And both terminals send & receive receipt data in plain text form via a serial port.
Here 'plain text' means unencrypted text.
All printers worldwide use a plain text protocol and a standard code page that embodies the national language of each country is available.
Receipt printer connected to POS also belongs to the category of "All Printers", and the data transaction between POS and receipt printer uses plain text such as ASCII codes.
POS Connector snatches these receipt data.
The owner of the receipt is buyer themselves.
POS Connector gives receipt data only to the buyer.
The initial setup of device can be completed through 100% online network.
All the 'Beacon Business' are possible : Coupon, Reserve, Waiting, Delivery, etc.